If there are any questions that we haven't answered please give us a call and we'll be happy to help.

Where do I collect my order?

You can collect your order from our shop at 175 Hyndland Road, Glasgow G12 9HT.

How long will my cake keep?

All our cakes and cupcakes are baked fresh every morning therefore they are always fresh. They taste best when eaten the day they are baked, however should last at least 24 hours depending on environment. This is obviously a guideline, personal preference can be different.

How should I store my order?

Cakes and cupcakes can be kept in the box they come in and can be kept in a cool dry place. Please do not place the cakes or cupcakes in the fridge as they can become hard. 

How long in advance can I order a celebration or wedding cake?

We advise you to give us at least 2 weeks to order one of our celebration cakes and at least 6 months for one of our wedding cakes. If you require your cake earlier please email or call us and we will do all we can to assist you.

Do you offer gluten free products?

Yes, we currently offer a gluten free option for all our cake and cupcake flavours, please mention this on our Order Form. Although we use gluten free flour and baking powder we cannot guarantee that the products will be completely gluten free as the cakes and cupcakes are made in a kitchen where flour is used. If you wish to make any of our products gluten free please let us know when you email us.

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How do I order my cake?

You can order your cake or cupcakes by popping into our new shop on Hyndland Road, by calling us on 0141 2378730 or via email at Please give us as much notice as possible for your cakes or cupcakes. If you require an urgent order please call us and we will do best to accommodate you. For celebration cakes please allow 2 weeks notice.

175 Hyndland Road, G12 9HT

0141 2378730

The Butterscotch Bakery

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Do you offer products free from nuts?

Yes, we offer products that do not contain nuts. We have a note on all flavours where nuts are an ingredient, carrot and fruit cake, and we do use these with the utmost care. Although we do use nuts in the same kitchen and therefore we cannot guarantee that any other product will be completely nut free.

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