Cupcake Bouquet

Perfect for any occasion. You can choose any writing

and the flavour and colour of the cupcakes

American style red coloured vanilla and chocolate 

sponge with a cream cheese topping

Light vanilla sponge with a

biscoff spread filling

and a light biscoff


Biscoff Biscuit




Light, moist milk chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream

Lightly spiced carrot
sponge with walnuts
decorated with a
​cream cheese topping

please note that our carrot cupcakes contain nuts

Light and creamy soft

vanilla sponge with a

vanilla buttercream

Red Velvet


Vanilla sponge with our homemade butterscotch

sauce in the centre covered in a butterscotch buttercream


Gluten or Dairy Free Options Available

Bespoke Cupcakes


Our cupcakes range from delicious vanilla to the decadent chocolate salted caramel. All of our cupcakes are individually priced and all the flavours below can be bought from our shop on Hyndland Road. If you are looking for something slightly more individual we offer a bespoke birthday and celebration cupcake service. Give us a call to talk through your ideas and we can come up with some fab designs for you.

​We can offer gluten free, dairy free and vegan options for our cakes, desserts and treats. We have a range of gluten free options in our bakery, however if you are looking for vegan or dairy free options these are only available to pre-order. Please call us for more details.  

If you're looking for something more individual for a special day or for a special person give us a call on 0141 2378730 and we'll be more than happy to help with ideas and designs. These are also available as a gluten free or dairy free option.

Chocolate Orange


Cupcake Flavours

Hand Decorated 

Vegan Flavours

Chocolate Salted Caramel




Chocolate sponge with

salted caramel sauce

in the centre covered

in a chocolate




Vanilla Raspberry

Vanilla Strawberry


Chocolate Orange

Chocolate Raspberry



Mini Victoria Sponge

​Starting from £2.60

Zesty lemon sponge with

a lemon curd filling and

a lemon buttercream


Light vanilla sponge with an orange jelly in the centre and

a rich chocolate buttercream topping





Light vanilla sponge with a chocolate hazelnut filling

and a light hazelnut


Light vanilla sponge with a

strawberry and fresh double

cream centre

We sell all the above 

cupcakes in the shop daily.

We also make bespoke cupcakes - for orders, please call for a


The Butterscotch Bakery
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Phone: 01413567780 Website: http://www.thebutterscotchbakery.co.uk
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